Research as a Location Factor

Science, research and technology are the driving forces behind innovation and therefore shape a state's future viability. Today, "knowledge as a resource" plays a pivotal role as location and competitive factors and also generates economic growth and societal development. The Rhineland-Palatinate capital Mainz has positioned itself in our knowledge-based society as an international competitive location with a high-performing research environment and an excellent scientific infrastructure.

The density in the region is impressive: The Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany's tenth-largest university, two universities of applied sciences, two Max Planck Institutes, the Mainz University Medical Center, internationally renowned research facilities such as the Academy of Sciences and Literature, the Institute of European History and the Institute of Historical Regional Studies, Fraunhofer ICT-IMM, the Roman-Germanic Central Museum as well as companies with a high level of research and development expertise, such as Boehringer Ingelheim, are all concentrated here. These research facilities with approximately 4,000 scientists are networked within the MAINZ RESEARCH ALLIANCE. The continuous generation of knowledge, the cooperation and exchange as well as the transfer of knowledge and technology in business and society that they provide, all help form the foundations of Mainz as the dynamic city of science.

This wide spectrum of universities, scientific institutes and research-oriented companies provides Mainz with a broad research and technology portfolio. Mainz also enjoys a well-developed media profile in academia and industry due to media research at the universities, which is practice aligned and has close ties with the German broadcasting institutions ZDF & SWR as well as the publishing group Verlagsgruppe Rhein-Main and many other media companies.

The objective of the MAINZ RESEARCH ALLIANCE is to promote the city of Mainz: nationally and internationally showcasing the diversity, density and outstanding level of knowledge-based institutions here that truly make Mainz - The City of Science.

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