Research as an Economic Factor

The city of Mainz utilizes the innovative potential of local research achievements to the benefit of the regional economy. Established in 1986, the Technology Centre Mainz has supported a total of 134 innovative business start-ups that together have created 1263 new jobs.

The scientific institutions and research-oriented businesses employ around 20,000 people and are a central economic factor. Not only do their employees generate a high level of tax income; they also have significant purchasing power at their disposal from which both city and region benefit. The Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Mainz University Medical Center alone employ a workforce of 10,750, making this the largest employer in the city of Mainz and second largest employer in Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition, around 40,000 students - of which 5,000 are from over 130 foreign nations - study at Mainz University and the universities of applied sciences. They bring more to the city than just young and international flair: Well-educated future leaders represent an important economic factor for the location when it comes to attracting knowledge-based companies.

Scientific institutions also provide important economic impulses with the expenditures and investments they initiate.

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