The Theme Years of the Mainz Science Alliance

Every day, people around the world create knowledge. Of course, this also applies to Mainz, the '2011 City of Science'. The competition for the title brought numerous residents of Mainz, companies and various institutions together with science in Mainz.

The Mainz Science Alliance hopes to follow up on this success with its theme years under the motto: 'People of Science – Makers of Knowledge'.  

People are in the focus of a great deal of research. And in turn, people create knowledge. The motto fits Mainz particularly well because this is a city of people-centred research. In institutes and laboratories, at universities, in researching companies and museums: people are often in the focus of attention.

But what does this mean in concrete terms for the people of Mainz? Where are the contact points? How can you, as a resident of the city, benefit from the research and find out in person from Mainz scientists what they are working on?

The range of offers is broad and exciting, but sometimes not that easy to sort through given the virtual jungle of information and events. Therefore, the Mainz Science Alliance, together with the state capital of Mainz and with the support of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, initiated three theme years under the motto: 'People of Science – Makers of Knowledge 2015-2017', which would be accompanied by an attractive range of events.

Knowledge in the heart of Mainz

Mainz carries "knowledge in its heart" and takes it directly to people's heads! This is because Mainz is not only a location for world-class research. In addition, the city's scientific institutions have committed themselves to offering a large and multi-facetted programme for all interested residents of Mainz and guests.

It is under the motto: 'knowledge in the heart' that the state capital of Mainz, together with the Mainz Science Alliance, is sponsoring scientific themes and events.

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