Kunsthalle Mainz

Kunsthalle Mainz is the leading venue for contemporary art in Rhineland-Palatinate. We promote discussion, experimentation, and debate on current social and political issues, as well as topics from various fields of scientific research, through temporary exhibitions and a rich public programming. Our collaborations with internationally acclaimed contemporary artists from a wide range of backgrounds enable us to respond flexibly to current developments and events.

Contemporary artists offer connections to various scientific fields through their works. Their artistic research produces knowledge that bridges the gap between science and everyday life. And they carry out experiments that contribute to the research practices of other disciplines, making abstract knowledge more tangible.

In our curatorial and publishing practice, we contribute to the current art historical research by organizing transdisciplinary symposia and publishing books. We frequently collaborate with lecturers and students from universities in the region.

Kunsthalle Mainz showcases both established and emerging artists in its solo and group exhibitions. In recent years, Kunsthalle Mainz has presented exhibitions by Ed Atkins, Sammy Baloji, Melanie Bonajo, Daniel Buren, Latifa Echakhch, Lara Favaretto and Walid Raad, as well as thematic exhibitions exploring themes such as the relationship between humans and the perceptual worlds of non-human life, airspace, human and natural law, and virtual parallel worlds. The programme of the Kunsthalle Mainz reflects current developments. The team has set itself the goal of establishing Mainz as a centre for international art with national and international resonance. Through guided tours, workshops and lectures, we aim to convey the relevance of art, its sensual potential and how it affects individual perception and society. Contemporary art is a language that can connect us across social boundaries.

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