Leibniz-Zentrum für Archäolgoie (LEIZA)

As a Leibniz research institute and museum for archeology, LEIZA researches the material legacies from more than 3 million years of human history across space and time. The aim is to use archaeological finds and findings to show and understand human behavior and actions, human actions and thinking as well as the development and change of societies. As one of eight research museums in the Leibniz Association, LEIZA combines excellent science with diverse formats of knowledge transfer. Its museums are both spaces of experience and places of dialogue with society.

The LEIZA is active worldwide and has so far conducted successful and comprehensive research in various regions of Africa, Asia and Europe. The unique concentration of archaeological, scientific, restoration and information technology skills combined with important laboratories and archives allows object-oriented research on archeology to be carried out from the beginning of human history up to the high Middle Ages.

The LEIZA works at three locations: Mainz (HQ LEIZA and Museum of Ancient Shipping), Neuwied (Monrepos. Archaeological Research Center and Museum for Human Behavioral Evolution), Mayen (Research Center Vulkanpark Ostiefel). From 2024 a new LEIZA location will be added in Schleswig (Center for Baltic and Scandinavian Archeology (ZBSA)).

Founded in Mainz in 1852 as the Roman-Germanic Central Museum (RGZM), the research institute was renamed the Leibniz Center for Archeology on January 1, 2023.

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