Mainz Catholic University of Applied Sciences

Mainz Catholic University of Applied Sciences (Mainz CUAS) is a state-approved university. The responsible body is the Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Bildung mbH of the (arch)diocese of Cologne, Limburg, Mainz, Speyer, and Trier.

Mainz  CUAS  offers courses in the fields of Social Work, Practical Theology and Health Care and Nursing. About 1,300 men and women are currently studying at Mainz CUAS. Therefore the university is the smallest of the three universities located in Mainz.

The range of courses on offer at the university is characterised by application-oriented tuition, research, and further education with an international orientation. Mainz CUAS cooperates with health and social organisations, as well as pastoral facilities, and guarantees a needs-based networking of tuition and practice in this way. In addition to practice-oriented education on a scientific basis, Mainz CUAS places particular value on the possibility of developing social and ethical skills. The objective of the university is to qualify its graduates as competent and socially responsible experts and executive personnel.

The Institute of Applied Research and International Relations (ifb) of Mainz CUAS is the central service and coordination point for activities in the fields of research and international relations at the university. The ongoing focuses of the institute's research include impact research in health and social settings, child and youth welfare, case management, health and nursing research and ecclesiastical social research. The aim of all of the activities in the field of research is to contribute to resolving current problems and challenges in social, societal and ecclesiastical areas, as well as in nursing and healthcare. Further key activities of the institute are the international exchange of specialists and students and the intensification of foreign contacts and cooperation with other universities.

The Institute of Further Education (ifw) is another central scientific body of Mainz CUAS. The training programme is aimed at specialist and executive personnel in the fields of social work, health and welfare, or in the education sector. The objective of the programme is to bring science and value-orientation together in productive interplay, and to contribute to the individual and professional development of the participants. 

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